Academic Board Executive


The Academic Board Executive is responsible for assisting Academic Board in the performance of its statutory functions.

Terms of Reference

  • To consider matters relating to the management, planning, direction and development of Academic Board
  • To plan the annual programmes for Academic Board
  • To approve the agendas for each Academic Board meeting
  • To prepare recommendations of policy matters for consideration by Academic Board
  • To receive reports from Academic Board committees on minor policy changes and routine business and to make recommendations on these to the full Academic Board as appropriate
  • To devise draft resolutions for items on the agenda of meetings of Academic Board
  • To oversee the schedule of course reviews, audits, Faculty reviews and related business


  • Chair, Academic Board (Chair)
  • Provost
  • Deputy Chair of Academic Board
  • Academic Registrar
  • Chairs of Academic Board Standing Committees or nominees
  • Two Executive Deans
  • Staff member elected from Professorial members of Academic Board

Executive Deans will serve on the committee for a year on a rotational basis.

Schedule of Meetings

Five times a year and as required


Date of Establishment:
29-30 October 1991 (Senate Resolution 91/83 refers)
Meeting Frequency:
5 times per year
Responsible Officer:
Chair of Academic Board
Executive Officer:
Administrative Officer, Secretariat
Academic Board Executive 14/11/2013
Academic Board 4/12/2013