Admissions Committee


  • Academic Registrar (Chair)
  • Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) (or nominee) from each Faculty
  • Executive Director, International (or nominee)
  • Assistant Academic Registrar (Administrative Services)
  • Executive Manager, Student Engagement and Services (or nominee)

Date of Establishment: 13 October 2000

Meeting Frequency: At least once per year

Responsible Officer: Academic Registrar

Executive Officer: Research, Reporting and Policy Officer, Student Administration

Terms of Reference

  • To examine and keep under review policies affecting the requirement for admission to coursework programs;
  • To provide to the Academic Administrative Committee the rationale and recommendations for any changes in admission policy and/or its implementation;
  • To determine responsibilities in relation to selection processes; and
  • To review applicant data and provide comments on trends.


The Committee reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends accordingly to Academic Board.  Updated membership and terms of reference were endorsed by the Academic Administrative Committee at its meeting 2/2013 and  approved by Academic Board at its meeting 2/2013 (Resolution AB 51/2013 applies).