Academic Regulations Committee


  • Academic Registrar (Chair)
  • Provost
  • Academic staff representative from each Faculty
  • Student representative nominated by the ACU National Student Association

Date of Establishment: 18 February 1994

Meeting Frequency: At least twice per year

Responsible Officer: Academic Registrar

Executive Officer: Policy Analyst, Student Administration

Terms of Reference

  • To consider the implementation and appropriateness of the Academic Regulations in the changing academic and educational environment;
  • To consider the development, implementation and review of other related policies and rules; and
  • To provide to the Academic Administrative Committee the rationale and recommendations for any amendments, involving matters of policy or drafting of the Regulations.


The Committee reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends accordingly to the Academic Administrative Committee. The Terms of Reference and membership were last reviewed in February 2012 and were approved by Academic Board at its meeting 2/2012 (Resolution AB 25/2012 applies).