Academic Board - Terms of Reference


The Academic Board is a standing committee of the University Senate. The Academic Board is responsible for all academic matters relating to the University and will advise Senate and the Vice-Chancellor on all developments and initiatives, including quality, relating to the University’s teaching and research activities. In addition to the powers and functions of the Academic Board described in Clause 25 of the Constitution, the Academic Board shall be responsible to the Senate:

  • to promote excellence in teaching and learning and research and research training in  the University;
  • to oversee all matters of quality on teaching and learning and research within the University;
  • to oversee quality assurance and quality implementation in relation to the academic functions of the University;
  • to formulate, further and coordinate academic policy, programs and regulations throughout the University, including communication with the academic community;
  • to recommend new courses to Senate for approval and to approve new non-award courses;
  • to consider and approve, and, where necessary initiate, reviews and audits of existing courses;
  • to develop and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of academic policies and undertake periodic review thereof;
  • to refer matters to Faculties for consideration and report;
  • to consider and take action on reports from Faculties;
  • to advise on academic aspects of the formulation and review of the University's Strategic Plan;
  • to approve and oversee the implementation of the University Learning and Teaching and Research Plans;
  • to ensure course development and review, teaching and learning, research and research training align with the University's Strategic Plan;
  • to foster discourse on issues related to higher education and the University's Identity and Mission in the sector;
  • to provide advice on the relevant recommendations of internal and external reviews of the University's organisational units;
  • to undertake regular reviews of the Terms of Reference of its Standing Committees and to approve these Terms of Reference; and
  • to exercise other functions delegated by Senate to Academic Board.


  • the Vice-Chancellor;
  • Provost;
  • Chief Operating Officer;
  • the Deputy Vice-Chancellors ;
  • the Chair of Academic Board ;
  • the Chair of Campus Board;
  • the Executive Deans of Faculties;
  • two Professorial Academic Staff members being two Professors employed at Level E from each Faculty elected by and from the professoriate of the Faculty employed at Level E (excluding those Professors who are members of Academic Board ex officio) to serve for a period of two years;
  • two non-Professorial Academic Staff members employed at Levels A to D from each Faculty elected by and from the non-Professional Academic Staff of the Faculty employed at Levels A to D to serve for a period of two years;
  • the Academic Registrar;
  • the Executive Director, International;
  • the Director of Identity and Mission;
  • the Director, Libraries;
  • the Deputy Provost;
  • the Director, Learning and Teaching;
  • the Dean of Research;
  • an external Professor nominated by the Chair of Academic Board on behalf of Academic Board;
  • the First Peoples and Equity Pathways representative with an appropriate background nominated by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching); and
  • the Student member of Senate.

Associate Vice-Chancellors are entitled to attend Academic Board meetings, engage in discussion and debate at Academic Board meetings, but shall not have voting rights.

Date of Establishment: 29-30 October 1991 (Senate Resolution 91/83 refers)

Meeting Frequency: 5 times per year

Responsible Officer: Chair, Academic Board

Executive Officer: Governance Officer, Directorate of Governance

Revised: February 2015

Approved by Academic Board: 22 April 2015

Approved by Senate: 19 February 2015