Office of the Provost

Led by the Provost, the Academic Portfolio is a central contributor to ACU’s strategic objectives 2015-2020. Home to ACU’s Faculties, the Portfolio includes a diverse suite of programs, capabilities and expertise- all united by the focus on academic innovation, service and quality. This approach is reconciled with ACU’s business imperative to build a sustainable Enrolment Plan.

The Portfolio is strengthened by the activities of the Executive Education, Academic Partnerships ACUCom and International Directorates, all working in conjunction with the Office of the Provost.

A hallmark of the Portfolio’s work is adherence to quality standards via oversight of the work of the Academic Board.

The Provost, Professor Pauline Nugent supports the Vice-Chancellor in providing strategic leadership and operational delivery of the University’s academic objectives including:

  • Faculties
    • Faculty of Education and Arts
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Faculty of Law and Business
    • Faculty of Theology and Philosophy
  • Academies
    • The Thomas More Law School Academy ( Faculty of Law and Business)
    • The La Salle Academy ( Faculty of Education and Arts)
  • Academic Board
  • International Directorate
  • The Centre for Executive Education and Professional Development
  • Academic Partnerships
  • ACUCom
  • Office of Government, Policy and Strategy
  • The Rome Centre of the Australian Catholic University and The Catholic University of America