Probation Review Committees


  • Provost or nominee (Chair)
  • Relevant Executive Dean or nominee, if Chair
  • Two continuing members of academic staff, one from the relevant Faculty, and one from another Faculty.  The academic staff of each Faculty elect two representatives who will be available to serve on the University's four Probation Review Committees for a period of three years and will be eligible for re-election for further terms of office


Director, Human Resources or nominee

Terms of Reference

To consider applications from staff offered continuing appointment and seeking to have progress against their probation requirements assessed.


The Committee reviews the Policy and Procedures at least annually; amendments are recommended to the Vice-Chancellor.  The last review was in December 2012.

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Date of Establishment:
Meeting Frequency:
At least twice annually for each Faculty
Responsible Officer:
Executive Officer:
Administration Officer (Office of the Provost)