Promotions Committee (Associate Professor)


  • Chairperson appointed by the Provost who holds a substantive position of Level E
  • Deputy Chairperson appointed by the Provost
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) or nominee
  • Deputy Chairperson nominated by the Provost
  • Executive Deans or nominee on agreement of the Chairperson
  • A person who holds at least a substantive position at Level D, elected by and from the academic staff of each Faculty
  • A nominee of another University

Quorum: 7 members, including the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson and the Executive Dean of the Faculty (or nominee) for any applicant under consideration.


  • Director, Human Resources or nominee
  • Elected staff member at Level D or E

Terms of Reference

  • To consider applications for promotion to Associate Professor and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor.


The Committee reviews the Policy and Procedures annually, and amendments are recommended to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.  The last review was in 2013.

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Date of Establishment:
15 October 1992
Meeting Frequency:
Normally three times per year
Responsible Officer:
Executive Officer:
Executive Officer, Secretariat