Standing and Finance Committee

Terms of Reference


The Standing and Finance Committee shall, subject to the direction and control of Senate, exercise the following functions:

  • Following discussion between the Chair of the Committee, the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor, exercise during intervals between meetings of Senate a standing delegation to deal with urgent issues;
  • Advise Senate:
    - on long term institutional planning matters;
    - in relation to planning, design and contract matters associated with major capital projects;
    - on financial and related policies, annual budgets, budget performance and the preparation  annual accounts;
    - on the use of University reserves, commercial ventures, investments and investment policies in respect of the funds of the University; and
    - on industrial policies
  • Review and make recommendations on Standing Orders for operation of Senate;
  • On referral by Senate, review any legislation from time to time;
  • On referral by Senate, provide an opinion on the interpretation of any legislation;
  • Consider reports of other committees of Senate and, at its discretion, provide additional advice in connection therewith; and
  • Consider and report to Senate on any other matter referred to it by Senate.


  • Pro-Chancellor (Chair);
  • Vice-Chancellor and President (ex-officio);
  • Four members of Senate appointed under Clauses 13.2 (f) and 13.2(g) of the Constitution for Australian Catholic University Limited (external members), not less than one from each State or Territory;
  • The Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee; and
  • One academic staff member of Senate elected under Clause 13.2(h) of the Constitution.


The Committee reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends accordingly to Senate.

Date of Establishment: 31/3/1999 (Senate Resolution 99/12 refers)

Meeting Frequency: 6 times per year

Responsible Officer: Company Secretary

Executive Officer: Governance Officer, Directorate of Governance