Nominations and Remunerations Committee

Terms of Reference


The Nominations and Remuneration Committee reports to ACU with the following terms of reference, to:

  • act as a conduit between the State Chapters and Senate in relation to the nomination of Senators pursuant to clause 13.2(f) of the Constitution of Australian Catholic University Limited (ACU);
  • consider and advise Senate regarding the appointment of Senators pursuant to clause 13.2(g) of the Constitution; and
  • consider and advise Senate regarding the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration as defined in clause 32.1 of the Constitution;
  • obtain legal, financial or other independent professional advice from external persons or bodies with relevant experience and expertise, at ACU’s expense, on matters falling within the Terms of Reference of the Committee.


  • Chancellor of the University (Chair);
  • Pro-Chancellor of the University (ex-officio);
  • Vice-Chancellor and President of the University (ex-officio);
  • Chair of the Academic Board; and
  • Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee.


The Committee shall review its Terms of Reference every two years from the date of the last review.

Date of establishment: Meeting 01/2015 of Senate

Meeting frequency: Three times each year

Responsible Officer: Company Secretary

Executive Officer: Governance Officer, Directorate of Governance