Senate & Standing Committees

Senate is the Board of Directors of Australian Catholic University Limited and is the governing body of the University.


  • The Chancellor of the University (ex-officio) (Chair);
  • The Pro-Chancellor of the University (ex-officio);
  • The Vice-Chancellor and President of the University (ex-officio);
  • The Chair of Academic Board (ex officio)
  • One Cleric nominated by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ex officio)
  • Four persons, one from each State, elected by the Members of Australian Catholic University Limited on a nomination submitted by each State Chapter and approved by the Archbishop identified with the relevant State or Territory;
  • Four persons, elected by the Members, from:
    – a panel of persons nominated by Senate; and
    – persons nominated by the Members themselves;
  • Three persons elected by and from the academic staff of the University;
  • One person elected by and from the general staff of the University; and
  • One student of the University who is elected in accordance with the University Statutes.

Date of Establishment: 20/03/1991

Meeting Frequency: 5 times per year

Responsible Officer: Company Secretary

Executive Officer: Governance Officer, Directorate of Governance

Meeting calendar for 2016

Senate will meet on the following dates:

  • 11 February in Melbourne
  • 11 April in North Sydney
  • 15 June in Brisbane
  • 11 August in Strathfield
  • 13 October in North Sydney

Terms of Reference

The objectives of Senate are as follows:

  1. Review and endorse strategic directions and priorities; and monitor progress against agreed goals.
  2. Oversee the establishment and effective operation of key policies.
  3. Ensure adequate risk management procedures and associated internal controls are established and effectively maintained.
  4. Oversee the effective and prudential operation of the University, including approval and monitoring of budgets and financial plans.
  5. Require and monitor compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.
  6. Ensure the University’s assets and resources are properly managed.
  7. Effectively manage its own operations, with due concern for proper and appropriate accountability.
  8. Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor.
  9. Ensure a clear definition of Senate’s role and the delegated responsibilities and authorities it assigns to the Vice-Chancellor, other officers, the Senate Sub-Committees and the Academic Board.

Refer to Clauses 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the Australian Catholic University Limited Constitution (PDF, 242KB)

13. Senate (13.1 Governing Authority; 13.2 Composition; 13.3 Exclusion of Staff And Students; 13.4 Matter to be Considered in Elections; 13.5 Elections; 13.6 Retirement by Rotation; 13.7 Retirement of Student Senator; 13.8 Re-Election of Senators; 13.9 Panels; 13.10 Vacation of Office; 13.11 Resignation of Senator; 13.12 Casual Vacancy; 13.13 Retirement of Casual Appointee; 13.14 Less than minimum number of Senators)

14. Proceedings Of Senators (14.1 Mode of Meeting; 14.2 Quorum; 14.3 Calling a Meeting; 14.4 Secretary Calling a Meeting; 14.5 Chairman; 14.6 Votes of Senators; 14.7 Circular Resolution of Senators; 14.8 Signing of Circular Resolution; 14.9 Deemed Minute; 14.10 Validity of Acts of Senators)

15. Powers And Duties Of Senators (15.1 Powers Generally; 15.2 Borrowing; 15.3 Investments; 15.4 Formation and Membership of Companies; 15.5 Execution of Negotiable Instruments; 15.6 Delegation; 15.7 Validity of Acts)

16. Committees (16.1 Delegation to Committee; 16.2 Committee Powers; 16.3 Committee Meetings; 16.4 Voting)


Senate reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends to Australian Catholic University Limited.