Complaints and Feedback

Immediate threat

How are complaints managed at ACU?

The University wants its students and staff to be treated equally with dignity and respect in order to have the best possible learning and working experience. We recognise that if you have a complaint or concern, it can have an impact on your workplace or learning environment.

Complaints are managed

  • as quickly as possible
  • as close to the source of complaint as possible
  • so that all parties to a complaint have the opportunity to be heard, be treated fairly without bias or pre-judgement and be given an opportunity to respond
  • so that all reasonable steps are taken to respect the confidentiality of students and staff involved
  • so that students and staff are prevented from suffering disadvantage as a result of lodging a complaint.

How to resolve a complaint?

If a decision that has been made by the University or the behaviour of a student, staff member or of an external agency is unsatisfactory or unacceptable, the complaints management process provides a framework for you to resolve your concern.


Most issues should be able to be resolved informally. You are encouraged to approach the relevant person and attempt to resolve your concerns directly with them.


If you are unable to resolve your concern or it is not appropriate for you to attempt to resolve it informally, you can submit a complaint.

It is important to understand the policies that relate to the lodgement, management and resolution of your complaint:


You also have the right to access any other appeal or complaint mechanism available to you as legislated in the relevant State or Territory.

Students and staff

If you are an ACU student or staff member with a complaint, click the relevant button below to be directed to the correct process.


Prospective students and members of the public

ACU welcomes feedback on our students, staff and operations as well as suggestions for improvement. You can submit your feedback online which will be referred to the most relevant senior staff member. If you would like the University to investigate and respond formally, you should consider lodging a Complaint online.