Workshops & Mentoring


Fortnightly workshop sessions will be presented by academic and professional staff on topics designed to enable the successful establishment of SMEs.

The facilitation of enterprise launch support includes business plans, compliance and regulations, funding, financial management, marketing programs, insurance and legal structures and risk assessments. In Phase 1, fortnightly workshops will be conducted by academic and professional staff on a range of topics to support SMEs. These include:

  • Strategy and Operations including Piloting and Prototyping
  • Branding and Marketing – using technology as an 'enabler'
  • Business Finance
  • Business Software solutions
  • Designing for Success – Funding and Structuring options
  • Pitching to Investors
  • Governance
  • Business reporting
  • Legislative/Legal Framework
  • Risk and Compliance.

Mentoring and Coaching Programs

During both Phase 1 and 2, SMEs will be supported by mentoring and coaching programs to assist in the establishment process. Mentors and coaches will be selected from staff and interested stakeholders, based on their expertise and relevance.

Alignment with existing ACU research institutes will allow members/users/partners of the collaborative spaces to have access to experts via invitations to seminar and workshops, personal engagement and access to relevant publications.