Directorate of Identity and Mission

As Australia’s pre-eminent Catholic University, ACU has a long tradition of nurturing the intellectual and spiritual life of our students and staff. In the Catholic tradition, we are committed to caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. We strive to help our staff and students integrate learning, work, faith and community engagement.

The extent to which mission informs and enlivens every aspect of University life is what makes ACU unique amongst all Australian universities.

The Directorate of Identity and Mission has as its primary purpose the articulation, promotion and transmission of the Catholic Intellectual and spiritual tradition. Flowing from the Mission and Core Values of the University, the Directorate seeks to prepare staff and student to live in and make contributions to the human community.

Through Campus Ministry the Directorate animates opportunities for members of the University community to deepen their experience of faith and to use their gifts and talents in service to the world.

Beneath the formal programs, retreats, lectures, and workshops lies a spirited dedication to the identity and mission of ACU. At the core of ACU is its identity as part of the legacy of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. This is not a static legacy but a vibrant, living legacy that is found on each of our campuses, everyday.

By exploring these pages we hope that you will begin to experience the spirit of vitality and life that lies at the heart of ACU and its mission.

Rev Anthony Casamento csma
Director, Identity and Mission

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Carmel Yahl
Executive Officer | Identity and Mission
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