Most Assembly venues will be within easy walking distance and close to city hotels.


Australia is a large country – almost all visitors to Melbourne from other cities arrive at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine). The domestic and international terminals are co located. The easiest way to get to the city from the airport is by taxi. Taxi queues are right outside the terminals. A taxi to central Melbourne will cost approximately $60, including tolls, or more in heavy traffic.

Express airport buses (SkyBus) travel from the airport to the city centre every ten minutes and cost $17 per person. All major car hire companies have offices at the airport, but it is not expected that delegates will need cars during the Assembly. Driving in Australia is on the left hand side of the road with special rules when a road is shared with trams.

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Taxis are well-regulated, numerous and easy to spot, as they are all painted yellow. Drivers are required to wear a uniform and to display their identity card. Taxi fares are per kilometer, with extra charges for tolls and waiting time (such as in traffic).

Tipping is not expected but can be offered for exceptional service or for very short trips that may have inconvenienced the driver.


Melbourne is serviced by the world’s largest tram network. Visitors will need a MYKI plastic smartcard ticket to use trams, which will be available at the delegates’ information desk at ACU or at many retail outlets in the city, including train stations and 7-11 stores.

City Circle trams that travel around the city centre are free and do not require a ticket. These special old-style trams, burgundy and gold in colour, are popular with visitors and announce points of interest along the way.