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Australian Catholic University (ACU) is looking forward to welcoming you to the 25th General Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, to be held in the city of Melbourne between 13–17 July 2015. The theme of this Assembly will be ‘Times change. Values endure’. For five days we will analyse the challenges faced by all of our universities in the many and varying contexts in which they are embedded. Discussions will be rich, pertinent and engaging for the life of our institutions.

Delegates and their companions will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and learn from each other, while exploring and enjoying our University and city. We will guide and support you in your journey, minimising logistical concerns so that you can gain maximum benefit from your Assembly experience.

We are delighted that the Assembly will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of ACU and hope attendees can join in the many events held to mark this celebration.

Professor Greg Craven
President Vice-Chancellor
Australian Catholic University

Join us in Melbourne

IFCU Secretary General, Professor Monsignor Guy-Réal Thivierge

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