Parental leave

ACU leads benchmarks on parental leave and return to work

When Diversity Council Australia surveyed its member organisations, the results showed ACU as leading the field in the areas of paid parental leave and provision of flexible working conditions.

ACU’s parental leave policy and length of paid parental leave is above the average benchmarks. We offer up to 52 weeks’ paid parental leave, 12 weeks at full pay and up to 40 weeks paid at 0.6 of salary for the primary carer. ACU’s paid parental leave policy is well ahead of the average 14 weeks’ paid parental leave offered by other organisations.

The Diversity Council reported an average of 89 per cent returning to work after parental leave across all the organisations that completed the survey. In this as well, ACU surpassed the benchmarks with 91.3 per cent of ACU staff on parental leave returning to work in 2011.

Stephania Costa, an ACU staff member who has recently come back from parental leave, says, “Following the birth of both my children, I was able to be on paid parental leave for 12 months.

“Now, that I have two young children, it’s good to have the flexibility to work around my children’s needs. ACU has really given me the opportunity to continue my career progression while at the same time commit to my family.”