What is selection criteria?

The key selection criteria comprise two important elements:

  1. Essential Selection Criteria - these are the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience you must possess in order to do the job. You will need to clearly demonstrate that you meet each of the essential criteria in order for your application to progress.
  2. Desirable Selection Criteria - You should also demonstrate the ways in which you meet any desirable criteria.  It is not necessary to meet all of the desirable criteria in order to apply for a position and for your application to progress.

Minimum Standards for Academic Levels

Minimum Standards for Academic Levels (MSALs) apply to academic positions only.  The standards outline the duties and skills base expected for the level of the position.  Applicants applying for an academic position will need to demonstrate an ability to meet the appropriate standard for the level they are seeking appointment to. 

Professional Staff Higher Education Worker (HEW) Levels

All professional staff positions are classified from level 1 - 9 in accordance with the DWM descriptors.  The DWM descriptors outline the supervision, qualification and classification dimensions for each level.

For further information, read the MSALs and DWM descriptors.