Theology and Philosophy

Undergraduate and Honours

Bachelor of Theology

Students can pursue an in-depth program of studies in scripture, theology and philosophy, or choose a broader-based program that also includes studies in other disciplines, such as liberal arts, business, or psychology.  Students also undertake a unit of Christian Community Experience, which involves active   engagement in a context of service.

The course consists of 24 semester units; at least 16 units is drawn from Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, Christian Practice, Philosophy and Study of Religions.  The remaining eight units can be in theology and philosophy or any approved units offered by other Faculties.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

The Honours course includes coursework and the writing of a thesis, and allows students to specialize in a particular area and equips them for further study.

Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Philosophy

The Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Philosophy will be available for the first time in 2016.

This unique dual degree designed to engage students critically with questions of meaning, reality, knowledge and value in light of the Catholic intellectual tradition. It also recognises the depth of value that a robust philosophical education brings to the study of Theology, and vice-versa.

As part of this degree, students become attentive and careful interpreters of historical and contemporary texts and contexts, developing the skills to offer and critique arguments from a variety of perspectives – both orally and in writing.

Global experience is encouraged as part of students’ learning, with a semester of study abroad available at the ACU Rome Campus or one of our partner institutions in Europe or the United States.

Graduates are prepared for careers across a variety of professions such as education, media and communications e.g. journalism, social work, NGO agencies, pastoral work, chaplaincy and other church-related careers, administrative roles, or other professions where critical thinking and an understanding of the complexities of modern life are prized skill sets.

Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Global Studies

This dual degree is for people not only interested in Theology but also the social, political, cultural, environmental and economic changes shaping our world.  The study the Catholic theological tradition is enriched by ecumenical and inter-faith perspectives.

Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Laws

This dual degree provides a legal education informed by Christian values and an education in Theology that is orientated to the professional values and practice of law.

Majoring or Minoring in Theology as part of an Arts degree

Students are able to complete a major or minor in Theology within the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne, Strathfield (Sydney) and Brisbane campuses.