Theology and Philosophy


Two short courses will be hosted at our Adelaide campus in 2016, with sessions presented by Rev. Mons. Prof. Denis Edwards, Associate Professor Stephen Downs, Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor, Rev. Dr. James McEvoy and Dr. Jo Laffin, and invited guest speakers.

May 2016: Church in Today’s World

  • What is the Church?
  • What is its essential meaning?
  • What does the Bible say about the Church?
  • What is its history?

August 2016: Dialogue with Other Faiths

  • What is Dialogue?
  • What is the Church’s Understanding of Dialogue?
  • What is Christianity’s relation to major world religions?

Course fees are:

  • $80 for those requiring a Certificate of Attendance*
  • $40 for others

*For teachers in Catholic schools the courses will have System Accredited Module Status.


These courses do not involve assessment and are not for university credit. It is a general introduction and is open to the public.

Email us for more information about the event or to discuss alternative payment arrangements.