Theology and Philosophy

Professional staff

Professional StaffPosition
Ms Vicky BrysonFaculty Finance Officer
Ms Kerry CaponAdministrative Officer to the Associate Deans
Ms Susanne Dick Administrative Officer, School of Philosophy
Ms Kate FannonFlexible E- Learning Coordinator
Ms Anne-Marie FonteyneAdministrative Officer
Ms Janine HillmanAdministrative Officer
Ms Dinah JoesoefAdministrative Officer, Centre for Early Christian Studies
Ms Truc Doan NguyenAdministrative Officer
Ms Lesley Pullen Faculty Manager
Ms Linda Tracey Faculty Executive Assistant
Mrs Vasilia TsiambazisFaculty Course Administrator & Administrator
Mr Fatih Erol TuncerProject Officer, Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue
Ms Jessica VidigalFaculty Marketing Manager
Ms Fran Wilkinson Faculty Executive Officer
Mrs Penny Yurcevic Faculty Finance Manager