Theology and Philosophy

Professor Dr Lieven Boeve Visit

In 2016, the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy hosted a number of events by the esteemed Professor Dr Lieven Boeve, Director-General of Catholic Education in Flanders and former Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium. Events included:

Enhancing Catholic School Identity: What does it mean to be a Catholic School in the contemporary world?

A public lecture that explored:

  • the background to the KU Leuven Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project
  • the theology that has informed the ECSI Project’s implementation in Victoria
  • experiences in implementing the project in Belgium.

‘God interrupts history’: thinking the Christian faith today

An Academic Seminar

How can the Christian faith conceive of itself again in a dramatically changed and still changing (post)modern context? In a few decades the overall Christian character of the European continent seems to have disappeared.  At the same time, this context is challenged more than ever with the question of religious, cultural and ideological plurality. What, then, is there to be done to profile the Christian faith in a contextually plausible and theologically legitimate way? In other words: what would be an appropriate Western contextual theology?  And how does such theology relate to the changing context as well as to other theological ways to deal with it? The contextual interruption of Christian theology in Europe leads to a theology of interruption – resulting in a theology which is to be distinguished from both modern-correlationist and anti-modern theological approaches. Because God interrupts history.

The Faculty of Theology and Philosophy offers academic programs and professional learning opportunities designed to guide leaders, teachers and staff within Catholic educational institutions towards a theologically grounded understanding of the Enhancing Catholic School Identity (ECSI) Project. Our programs draw deeply from the Catholic theological tradition and provide learning opportunities to support Catholic schools in understanding, assessing, and enhancing their Catholic identity.