Law and Business

Why study law at ACU

Leading law programs

Students can undertake a law degree alone, or combine with a degree in business administration, commerce, arts, global studies or theology. Dual degrees are a great way to broaden your knowledge base and tailor your education to maximise your employment opportunities.

Global focus

Recognising the role lawyers can play in international commerce and diplomacy, ACU's law programs have a distinctive international flavour. All students are required to undertake International Trade Law, Public and Private International Law, International Human Rights Law and Comparative Legal Systems to build on their capacity to engage internationally. ACU is globally connected, and has relationships with a wide range of overseas universities. Our law students can attend an overseas university on exchange and work in community programs around the world – all while receiving credit towards their degree.

As part of the Our World: Community and Vulnerability unit, students can also apply to spend three weeks in Florence, Italy, over the European summer in June and July.

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Ethical and practical

An ACU education is about teaching students to think critically and ethically and be guided by social justice principles. It's about passing on the skills to bring about change in communities and in society. Our law programs are all based on creating ethical and practical legal practitioners who understand the challenges of law.

Pro bono legal professional experience

All students are required to complete a minimum of 160 hours of pro bono legal professional experience throughout their law program. Community engagement is a core part of every student's experience at ACU, to the point where it's embedded within our courses. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference, whilst gaining practical work experience.

Personalised learning environment

ACU prides itself on small class sizes and highly individualised personal attention for each of our students. In the Thomas More Law School we limit our intake of students to ensure a high-quality learning environment where the dean, professors, pro bono coordinator, legal profession mentors and academic and professional staff are easily accessible.

ACU Law students talking about their experiences


The Law School is situated in the heart of Fitzroy and North Sydney, making it a vibrant student atmosphere. With close proximity to the law courts, law firms, public transport and community legal centres in both states, students have everything easily accessible.

Download ACU Law 2017 Brochure (PDF 6MB)