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Passion for Law and Commerce - Early Entry Program

Passion for law and commerce - early entry

Passion for Law and Commerce is a guaranteed early entry program designed to nurture your learning passion and give you a step up in your future law and commerce career.

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If your passion is law and commerce, we will show you how to combine the two to provide you with the skills and opportunities to work in both the courtroom and the boardroom.

With an ACU double degree in Law and Commerce you can access extraordinary choices in areas that excite and inspire you: practice as a barrister or solicitor, provide advice as an in-house counsel to an organisation, or pursue a diverse career specialising in:

  • commercial law coupled with accountancy or tax or finance
  • social justice advocacy combined with business management
  • intellectual property rights, consumer protection law alongside marketing, entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • public and private international law coupled with a specialisation in business management and administration
  • competition law joined with business management and marketing
  • investment law, international trade law combined with finance, business management and administration
  • employment law closely aligned with expertise in human resource management.

THE BENEFITS – if your application is successful

  • Guaranteed* entry into the double degrees ACU Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce* / or Bachelor of Business Administration* course (as offered through UAC or VTAC).
  • Receive an Early Offer from ACU in September, before ATARs are released and well ahead of the usual Tertiary Admission Centre offer dates, securing your place to study before you complete your exams.
  • Access to our Business Mentoring Program, business seminars and workshops with links to industry, corporations and organisations, opportunities at state, national and international level.
  • Access to our Student Leadership Professional Development Program; consolidation of professional skills, leadership, ethical and sustainable decision-making and communication skills.
  • Textbook Voucher: To the value of $300.
  • Invitation to our welcome to ACU Passion for Law and Commerce event, includes transitional support program (high school to university) conducted on campus.
  • Law induction program to ensure academic success.
  • Legal Professional Mentoring.
  • 160 hours of pro bono professional work experience commencing in year 2.
  • Opportunity to undertake short-term study tours abroad at one of our international university partners.
  • Student volunteering and social enterprise projects.

*Please note

  • The courses have been approved for admission to practice law in Victoria and NSW.
  • Entry is guaranteed subject to students meeting minimum requirements of ATAR 78/OP 11, English Standard in NSW, Units 3 and 4 a minimum study score of 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in any other English in VIC.
  • Students need to study the Bachelor of Commerce with the Accounting Major and Minor for accounting accreditation.