Law and Business

Preparing for a legal career starts on day 1 of law school

Helen Haslem (Sydney) and Alice Crowe (Melbourne) are working with ACU law students in their first year to build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in law school and in practice.  Both have extensive experience in legal practice and are dedicated to supporting our students to achieve their best.

Alice is an experienced lawyer and consultant - she has worked extensively in the High Court and Federal Court, in government and as a consultant.  She has worked on two Royal Commissions and advised and litigated in high-profile public law and regulatory matters. Alice has a keen interest in current issues in public law and a talent for legal analysis and writing.  She is also passionate about protecting our environment and will shortly complete a Master of Science (Botany).  Alice is presently taking a career break to pursue postgraduate study and teach.

Helen an experienced lawyer and former federal prosecutor - she has prosecuted serious drug importation, fraud and terrorism offences, and has advised on many high-profile investigations into serious and organised crime.  Helen has also worked extensively for government - defending civil claims and advising on matters of administrative law.  Helen is presently taking a career break to pursue her PhD in law and teach.  Helen's areas of research interest are:

  • Legal, ethical and policy issues arising in international cross-border criminal investigations and prosecutions, and
  • Innovation in legal education.

Together Helen and Alice support first-year law students to acquire a solid grasp of the fundamental legal skills and knowledge needed for success at law school and in the legal profession.  Helen and Alice offer seminars and study group sessions on legal writing, legal research and legal problem-solving - drawing on examples from their own legal careers.  Alice says that it is ‘exciting to be on the journey with first-year law students as they make their transition into university life.’  Helen says that teaching at ACU is a "thoroughly rewarding experience" because ‘ACU law students enjoy learning collaboratively and support each other to develop new skills and innovative ways of approaching legal problems.’  When they are not helping students Helen and Alice are also busy researching ways to build on these strengths in our students.