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During my exchange in 2016 I decided to study at the University of Mannheim in Germany. I selected this location because of Mannheim University's renowned international program. This program allowed me to select from a wide variety of subjects that were taught in English, live on student accommodation and meet students from different nations.

Germany was also my first choice because I wanted to study in a country that was unique and different to Australia. At times although this was challenging with some language barriers it was such a unique experience to surround myself with a European country with so much history and beauty. I was also lucky enough to have two fellow ACU students with me in Mannheim so that really helped in the first few weeks of arriving in Germany after travelling over Europe.

The highlight for me personally was being able to travel whilst completing my University studies. Mannheim University organised trips throughout the semester for exchange students and other students living in Mannheim. Through these experiences I was able to travel with my friendship group, to places such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Germany was an ideal place for travelling to other areas due to it being centrally located. It was always exciting to be able to finish my classes for the week and to then catch a train with friends and in a few hours be in Austria.

My top tip for anyone considering going overseas would be to really pick the location you want to go to carefully. For some of my friends, going to a country where English was their first language really helped them adjust to the change of scenery and settle in. However for others, learning some of the basic elements of the language, for instance German, before going on exchange was helpful when in public places and allowed you to communicate with people in their first language.

The main reason I selected to attend ACU was because of the Law degree that was offered in combination with Global Studies. I knew that I wanted to study law but I was also interested in areas such as history and politics. When I saw that the Global Studies degree also involved an overseas exchange component, I knew that this was the right course for me. Going on exchange has greatly impacted my future goals and my understanding of current international issues.

After completing my degree at ACU I plan on practising as a lawyer.