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Megan Wenlock - Canada

Megan Wenlock
Niagara Falls
Brock Campus in Canada
Brock homecoming hockey game
Niagara Falls
Decew Falls Canada

Photos from Megan's study experience in Canada

In Semester 2 of 2015, I went to Brock University in Canada to study abroad. I chose to go to Brock because I had never been to North America before, and Canada is such a beautiful country that I wanted to explore. Plus it was really close to the United States which was handy for travel within and after the semester.

As for Brock University, I really liked the subjects they had on offer. I got to study things that ACU doesn't offer so it was great to be able to flex and challenge my academic skills in new areas. Plus the Brock campus is situated on a nature reserve. It's such a pretty place and it was only a short walk from some beautiful waterfalls, called Decew Falls.

It's hard to pick just one highlight from my trip because everything culminated to make my experience an incredible one, even the challenges I faced. Making new friends, visiting new places, moving out of home, field trips, interesting subjects, seeing proper snow(!) and just general travel were all awesome things I got to do on while studying abroad. Being close to the border meant that I got to experience both Canadian and American traditions such as Homecoming, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and tail-gating at a NFL game, as well as visiting Niagara Falls a few times.

My tips for people going overseas to study, would be to get involved in everything you can, especially if you live off-campus and not with many other students, because it's the best way to meet people. Also, be prepared to try different things and for things to go wrong, because things are different in other cultures and not everything goes to plan. If you have any sort of mental illnesses, don't let them stop you from studying abroad. Even though it can be hard, if you maintain your support groups from home and make new ones in your new country, then things become a lot easier and you'll enjoy your time overseas. And never be afraid to reach out for help, whether it be from your friends, family, teachers, or counsellors.

The overseas study component of my Law/Global Studies degree was one of the main reasons why I chose to go ACU. I also liked how small the campus is, and that the Law course was brand new, meaning it was more modern and global focused than other Law degrees. I still haven't decided what I would like to do after graduating but currently on my horizon is:

  • getting admitted to practice and working for an NGO, human rights organisation, or a union
  • or studying to become a teacher
  • or continuing my studies, focusing on history subjects.