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Rebecca Crofts, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

Rebecca Crofts

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I am studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts.

I came directly to ACU from high school. I put ACU as my first preference because of the practical pro-bono requirement built into the law degree which meant that I would be able to experience hands-on application of the law from my second year.

My experience at ACU so far has been indescribable. There is a such a strong welcoming environment on campus and in classes that made the transition from high school to university so easy. I know almost everybody in my cohort and see the same friendly faces every day in classes. I have a very close relationship with most of the teaching staff and I have been afforded many opportunities that I may not have had in  a larger university where it is so easy to be lost in the crowd.

The teaching staff at ACU are all compassionate, friendly and experienced. Small classes mean that lectures often feel more like a discussion and teaching staff have always made sure everyone felt comfortable asking the questions they need to. The support network offered to students extends outside of classroom hours as most of the teaching staff are accessible and we can easily drop by their office.

I am the Director of Events for the MacKillop Law Students Society. I believe that the most important thing is to wake up every day and really enjoy what you are doing, for me that’s challenging myself, standing up for my values and helping others.

If I weren’t studying law I would be studying social work, I always knew that I wanted to work in the kind of industry that is helping the members of our communities who need it most. I intend to pursue a career in the not-for-profit sector in Legal Aid, a Community Legal Centre or Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts