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Olivia Lilly, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Olivia Lilly

Olivia Lilly
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Reason for choosing Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies:
I chose this particular degree because I want to be a human rights lawyer in the future, therefore studying both law and global studies allowed me to pursue my interests in both areas.

Reason for choosing ACU: I chose to study at ACU because I loved the vibe I got on the open day from the campus and the unique global studies degree really appealed to me, especially the compulsory 6 month exchange. I also saw smaller class sizes as an advantage as I knew it would mean I would have easier access to support networks than in larger universities.

Highlight of studying law: The highlight so far for me has been learning all the content and understanding different parts of the law, as it has proven to me that I have chosen the right career path. The law ball was also great fun!

The best thing of studying Law at ACU: The best part of being at ACU is the small campus, as it's not overwhelming and makes it easier to make friends in smaller groups. The campus also has great facilities such as cafes, the library and the rooftop which are great to fill in gaps between classes.

What I love most about the Law Induction Program: The best part of the law induction program was making new friends, as you get to spend a few days with the same people. On orientation week you will meet new people but some of them will be in different degrees which makes it hard to maintain friendships with them. This is what was so great about induction, because everyone is in law and most people remain in friendship groups established on induction.

How I strike a balance of study, life and work: I have a part-time job as well as studying, however it is manageable to maintain a balance between that and having a social life if I stay organised and keep on top of the work load. I use a wall planner so I know when all future assessments are due and make lists to prioritise when I need to complete work for different units, which makes it less overwhelming and easier to not leave things until the last minute.

My ultimate career goal: I want to become a barrister for human rights law.

Advice to students thinking about studying ACU Law: I would definitely encourage prospective students to choose ACU, as the cohort will be smaller than other law schools and so it allows greater access to support networks. It has a definite human rights approach which isn't evident at other universities and the campus facilities are great, as well as being in an easily accessible location.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies