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Natalie Exon, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

Natalie Exon

Natalie Exon
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
Academic Excellence Scholarship and the CPA Australia Prize Recipient

Reasons for choosing Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws:
I went straight from Year 12 into studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and ended up dropping out after one semester. After that I took a year and a half off study and just worked a bit. I still wasn't sure what I wanted to study but I felt that a Bachelor of Law would be a great degree to have, one which would open up a lot of doors, even if I didn't end up practicing. The decision to add a Bachelor of Commerce made sense; it was only an extra year and just gives me even more career options.

Reason for choosing ACU: I was part of the inaugural class in 2013, and that really appealed to me. It was a new and exciting program, with enthusiastic lecturers and content. The course has a focus on practical experience which is arguably the best way to learn and really explore potential career options.

Highlight of studying Law: I was fortunate enough to go on exchange in 2014 to Amsterdam. Exchange was something I've always wanted to do and it was an amazing experience. The university side of things was interesting, being able to discover all the differences between educations in Europe compared to home. Living in another country by myself was a massive challenge, but meeting so many new friends and having a lot of fun was invaluable.

The best thing of studying Law and being at ACU: Probably just the friends I've made. Being a degree with such a high workload, it's great being able to share all the challenges and ultimately successes with people who are in the same boat. The tutors and lecturers at ACU are also great; they're very approachable and always happy to provide assistance.

Scholarship Received: I was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship of $5,000 and the CPA Australia Prize of $200.

How the scholarship changed my life: The scholarships have been amazing. I didn't really expect to be awarded one, but the benefits for my study can't be understated. I've been able to drop a shift at work as a result, which frees up a lot more time for university work and I can already see the difference it's making.

The positive impact that the financial assistance makes to my life: It's already made a huge difference. Again, being able to work less is great, and the financial assistance also helps with the day to day stuff like textbooks and myki costs. Last semester I borrowed textbooks from the library each week and it wasn't ideal, having bought them all this semester makes everything a lot easier.

Where I find motivation: Basically it's short term pain for long term gain. Assignments and study are obviously not the way I'd choose to spend my time, but I know if I put in the effort now and just get it done, the end result will be worth it.

How I strike a balance of study, life and work: I play a lot of sport which means I'm training most days, as well as having a couple of part time jobs, so it is hard to juggle everything at times. It's a bit of a balancing act but the main thing is just being organised. You've just got to prioritize and stick to the plan basically.

My ultimate career goal: I'm still not entirely sure what I would like to do when I graduate. Ideally it would be something sport related, so perhaps legal counsel for a sporting organisation such as the AFL. Other than that, I'm just looking for a job which allows me to travel and work overseas, which is definitely an option with this degree.

Advice to students thinking about studying ACU Law: Whether or not you eventually intend to become a lawyer, I would definitely recommend an ACU law degree. There's a really global, ethical and practical undertone to the course, and it prepares you for such a wide range of future careers. If you enjoy reading, critical thinking and problem solving you'll find the degree extremely rewarding and challenging.

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws