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Najd Hussein, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

Najd Hussein

Najd Hussein
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

Reason for choosing ACU Law:
Coming from a background where laws are not abided and people die every day because of a corrupt government and justice system, I have always been passionate in defending the basic human rights of people as well as understanding how Australia’s law system works to achieve ultimate justice in the courts. I chose ACU as my university to complete my law degree because the law program is newly established and being a part of it early means that I am one of the first people who shape the law degree for the university as well as for the prospective students in the coming years.

Highlight of the first year of law: The teaching cohort has been the biggest highlight for my first year. The knowledge, academic achievement, and their own careers allow students to have an insight into what their future may be like as a solicitor, commercial lawyer, defense lawyer or prosecutor.

The best thing of studying Law and being at ACU: The smaller classes, the fact that the lecturers and tutors are not only teachers but also practice in firms outside of ACU, and the friendly and social environment are what attracts me and makes me love studying law at ACU.

Activities that I have done: I am currently a Student Ambassador for the ACU Melbourne Campus. As a part of this job I got to other schools for presentations or expos and share my experiences and give career advice to prospective students. I also do tours and presentations for schools or other groups on campus. It is an amazing university job to have and it makes me fall in love with the university over and over again.

About the Pro Bono experience: The pro-bono aspect of the law degree at ACU has to be one of the best initiatives of the university. It allows students, including myself, to experience what it is like putting all the theory learnt in the degree in a practical environment, as well as sit with qualified solicitors while they interview clients and assist writing memorandums of advice. It also gives you a perspective as to whether you want to choose that specific field of your pro-bono firm, making your future pathway all the more clear. It is a hands-on opportunity so early in the degree and is so beneficial in expanding your knowledge, skills and capabilities as a young prospective lawyer.

About the Law Induction Week: The mooting competitions during the Law Induction Week were fantastic! It was so incredibly fun to be given a case and be able to fight to defend your "client" in the Moot Court.

How I strike a balance of study, life and work: Having a timetable which sets out all the activities including classes, studying, working and of course free time is very important. As a law student it does become stressful at times to balance and manage everything, but gradually during the degree you find a balance that works for you best.

My ultimate career goal: International Human Rights is a passionate area for me. Any career that leans towards that field would be an eye-catcher for me.

Advice to the students thinking about studying ACU Law: It is the most rewarding field of work to be in. Your knowledge not only in the law expands, but your knowledge about each industry expands, from business, government sectors, medical practices, employment, etc. It does require a lot of work no doubt, but with hard work, effort and commitment it is definitely possible to exceed your potential and complete ACU Law with flying colors!

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws