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Michelle Baz, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Michelle Baz

Michelle Baz
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Reason for choosing Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies:
From the onset, this degree appealed to me. Throughout secondary school, I always had a passion and interest for humanities subjects such as history and politics as well as studying law. A degree in Global Studies gives me the opportunity to study subjects that I love, in conjunction in complementing my law degree. Not to mention, the opportunity to study overseas for a semester in third year. Studying abroad has always been something that I've been passionate about because I want to amerce myself in another culture, another language and another way of living.

Reason for choosing ACU: Coming from a relatively small secondary school, ACU's appeal factor was significant. I was captivated by its city location, Its small cohort sizes and Its reputation as a university. Once I looked at the degrees available, I strongly became interested in the Global Studies/ Law degree because it was the first degree of Its kind that I had seen which strongly assisted me in coming to ACU.

Highlight of studying law: There hasn't been one particular highlight thus far studying law, it’s all basically been a highlight. I knew for several years now that I wanted to study law and it’s actually such a cereal feeling knowing that all the hard work that I had completed in order to be here and doing something that I love, is the ultimate highlight.

The best thing of studying Law at ACU: The best thing about studying Law at ACU is by far the students and the lecturers. The small cohort size really gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with most of your fellow law students and lecturers. You really are able to talk and ask questions to the lecturers as they are extremely approachable and you know they have your best interests in succeeding in mind.

What I loved about the Law Induction Program: I loved the Law Induction Program because it gave me a real insight to the course; we were able to meet the tutors and lecturers as well as the cohort. We really were able to gain knowledge essential to us, before starting our degree which did assist heavily in my transition process from secondary school to university.

The best part of Law Induction Program: The best part of the Law Induction Program was by far the moot. Prior to the Induction, I had never heard of a mooting competition thus I really did not know what to expect. When I understood what it meant I was a little intimidated, I'm not going to lie, however I was excited by the opportunity to put on the persona of a real barrister/solicitor and argue my case before a real life barrister.

How I strike a balance of study, life and work: I think it is very important to have a balanced life whilst studying. I work casually in retail as well as making time for my friends and family. I have always been a person who is able to balance all parts of my life and this has been done to mainly prioritising, planning and having a strong and disciplined work ethic. One thing I have learnt is to plan ahead of schedule because you never know when something is going to interfere and change your situation.

My ultimate career goal: I have always been told that a Law degree is one of the best degrees a person can have, as it opens the door to various sectors and industries. Ultimately I desire to practice as a barrister or solicitor, it’s something that I have always wanted to do and worked hard to achieve my place in law school. I'm yet to decide which kind of law I desire to study; however, I have always had a strong interest in human rights.

Advice to students thinking about studying ACU Law: The best advice I could give to prospective ACU Law Students is to work hard and if you have questions, to address them accordingly. The lecturers and tutors have an open door policy, however it is up to you to use that door and ask those questions that you are struggling with. Don't be afraid of making mistakes because a Law degree is far from easy and those mistakes will ultimately be the reason why you strive for greater success.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies