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Jessica Buck, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Jessica Buck

I received a clerkship at Cornwall Stodart, a well-respected commercial law firm in Melbourne.

Application process

To gain a clerkship in a law firm you need to put in an application. Each application must include an academic transcript, resume, references, and a cover letter tailored to the firm plus, in some circumstances, responses to additional questions.

If your application is successful then you will be contacted for an interview. Each interview process is different. For my interview process, I had to bring an example of a written piece of work and answer a series of questions.

I’m grateful and humbled to have received a clerkship at Cornwall Stodart. It is an accomplishment, which I could not have attained on my own without the many amazing people who supported me in the application process and during my law degree.

What does a clerkship entail?

The clerkship goes for a period of four weeks and students have the option of choosing two areas of commercial law in which to work over the duration of the clerkship.

What you hope to achieve from this experience?

I eagerly look forward to the experience - working at a respected commercial law firm with great people and working towards a future in commercial law as a lawyer.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies