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Gazi Abbas, Bachelor of Laws

Gazi Abbas

Third-year law student Gazi Abbas spent his pro bono time with Legal Aid NSW and said it was “by far the best part of my studies”. He said his pro bono experience added a practical element to his studies and it was “a privilege” that students don’t get at other law schools."

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I am studying a Bachelor of Laws at the North Sydney Campus of ACU and I'm in my third year of study.

I chose ACU for a multitude of reasons, firstly the Thomas More Law School was fairly new and as I read into it, the core focus was on the practicality of the profession we as students would be admitted into and this was a great draw as it would add more depth to my growing knowledge in my chosen field of study.

ACU was the only university that offered a pro bono experience for students from their second year. The university was also one of only two universities which offered a straight law program for undergraduate students in Sydney at the time and it provided a smaller cohort of students. It seemed a better fit for me because I could really take the time to excel in my studies.

I enjoy studying at ACU, considering that Law consists of a smaller cohort, it's great to be taught by our head lecturers in our tutorials as opposed to tutors. The teaching staff, especially in the Thomas More Law School, are of the highest calibre. I feel as though they try to make the learning program as practical as possible in terms of mooting and engaging with hypothetical scenarios. I  feel supported at ACU, especially by the experienced staff who ultimately aim to nurture our success.

There have been many stand-out moments during my studies, other than pro bono being one of them. In the first year of law while studying criminal law and procedure, we met Justice Kirby who visited our campus to give a surprise lecture. This was a highlight because after reading many of his dissenting judgements in an array of HC cases and decisions, it was interesting to hear his perspective and to see his standing in the legal system.

I chose to study Law because it was always something I was very passionate about learning since studying Legal Studies in high school. Interestingly, when the time came on deciding what it is I wanted to pursue, I was tossing between my options of either policing or Law and fortunately Law prevailed which I am grateful for.

After graduating, I hope that after being admitted I aspire to become an established criminal barrister or to work as a family lawyer in litigation.

The advice I would give is to always exude confidence in all endeavours of life and to never be afraid to ask questions as although Law isn't easy to study, it will only get easier in time with dedication and a commitment to succeed.

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