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Carla Todaro, Bachelor of Laws

Carla Todaro

I believe the Australian Catholic University will help me to become a lawyer who uses education in an ethical manner as well as foster my interest in learning and problem solving."

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Before law, I studied business at UTS. The many skills I learnt studying business complement my current studies in law.

Catching the train across the bridge each morning towards North Sydney, I always feel a sense of excitement. I look forward to university, my lectures and to being on campus. I love walking past Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel on the way to class, picking up a chai latte from Claude and Maria (who always greet me with a smile) and catching up with friends along the way. The ACU Mackillop Campus has a wonderful community of like-minded people, and it is lovely to study in such a supportive and motivating environment.

ACU was my first choice for law. I was initially attracted to ACU North Sydney because my mother studied education on the same campus. The pro-bono legal work built into the ACU law degree is one of its greatest strengths.

Our professors are very experienced and being a new school there is a great sense of excitement within the Thomas More Law School. They are very supportive, they are experts in their field and are very keen to ensure all of their students exceed in their learning.

I would encourage future students to take every opportunity to visit ACU for information nights, panel events and open day. I am sure students will experience the same hospitality and warmth as I did, and a real excitement about studying law at ACU.

I am really excited to hold the position of Education Director in 2016 of the Mackillop Law Students’ Society (MAKLSS). A highlight of mine in 2015 was giving the student vote of thanks, on behalf of my cohort, at the Inaugural Honourable Barry O’Keefe Memorial Lecture.

I am happiest and most motivated when I am helping others. I do not have an ultimate career goal yet, but I trust and have faith that I will be in the place and position my skills are needed most.

Bachelor of Laws