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Bridget Coutts, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Bridget Couts

Bridget Coutts
Thomas More Law School Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

Reasons for choosing Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Studies: I chose this particular degree because I have always had my heart set on studying law but also enjoyed studying areas such as politics and history which the global studies degree allowed me to do. In addition, the opportunity to study overseas for a semester and learn about the role of law in global issues was also a part of the many reasons I chose to study this double degree.

Reasons for choosing ACU: When deciding on which university to study law at I had many expectations and aspirations. While many universities offered a myriad of opportunities ACU felt like a place I would want to study at. The campus, staff and students on open day were all part of my decision to study at ACU. ACU were offering a highly-professional and modern approach to the study of law with an emphasis on contributing to the community through pro bono placement. Furthermore, the facilities offered on campus such as the legal resources library and moot court also confirmed my decision that ACU would offer me the best environment to study law at.

Highlight of studying Law: My first year in law has been a very rewarding and challenging experience thus far. The opportunity to engage in a new independent way of learning with the support of faculty staff and students has been very rewarding. A highlight for me so far has been having the opportunity to be challenged into thinking critically and analytically about the law and its role in everyday life. The staffs at ACU deliver the content in a way that allows has to link it with scenarios that occur in society every day. Since beginning studies in law my outlook on life as broadened and I have come to realise the important role law and legal professionals hold in society.

Best thing of studying Law at ACU: The best thing about studying law and being at ACU would have to be the people I am surrounded with every day. Each day when I walk onto campus there is always a familiar face and smile which is very comforting. University does require an extensive amount of independent engagement with class material however being supported by friends has made it a much more enjoyable experience. I have found that I have come to make many new connections with people at ACU and continue to build a supportive environment where we can all thrive in our studies.

Scholarship received and how it helped my study: I have been awarded the Thomas More Law School Academic Excellence Scholarship valued at $20,000. Receiving a scholarship at university has greatly enhanced my studies. I have been able to work less hours in part time work with less financial pressure which allows me to dedicate more time to my studies. In addition, a scholarship payment has also allowed me to utilise extra resources and tools that deepen my understanding and engagement with class content.

Positive impact of the financial assistance to my life: Financial assistance has positively impacted on my university studies. It has allowed me to focus on achieving the best possible results in my studies by not being burdened by financial pressure to work more hours at a part-time job. It has also allowed me to purchase additional legal resources which assist with challenging class content as well as building on the necessary skills needed to study law.

Where I find motivation: I find my motivation to study by looking at what I am trying to achieve in studying law. I find studying law very challenging but also very interesting which helps with motivation. Law is a path I want to pursue and knowing that one day I could potentially work within the legal profession is a key motivation I have towards my study.

How I strike a balance between study, life and work: At university it is important to find a good balance between study, life and work. Whilst studying full-time at university I also play competition tennis during the week and work at a chocolate shop for part-time work. I find the best way to balance everything in your life is to maximise the time spent on campus at university as I do most of my private study at the library. In addition keeping a diary of due dates and upcoming commitments is a great way to plan and utilise your time in the most effective way.

My ultimate career goal: I would like to use my law degree to positively contribute to my community. I have a passion for justice and the court process. I would like to work as a judge’s associate and hopefully one day as a solicitor for the Director of Public Prosecutions. In addition, I would like to work in the area of victims of crime and helping people navigate the complex legal process.

Advice to Year 12 students thinking about studying ACU Law: If you have a passion and determination to study law hard work can help you achieve this. The study of law requires an extensive amount of reading, strong writing skills and an ability to think critically. If you are interested in positively contributing to your community or being challenged into thinking analytically studying law could be the right decision for you.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies