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Benedict Atkinson, Doctor of Philosophy

Benedict Atkinson

Benedict (Ben) Atkinson
Doctor of Philosophy
PhD candidate

"I choose to study at ACU to work with an outstanding and creative academic and mentor. I was engaged by the intellectual openness, and encouraged to think about ways to resolve legal obstacles that restrict society, and restrict people.

To me, legal work which assists society is more meaningful and constructive than a lot of the work a commercial lawyer or public servant normally engages in.  It’s a different way of looking at things. You could say it’s a different way of being.

I previously worked in government and with the NSW Attorney General’s department; however I would now like to continue to pursue a career in academia. I’m encouraged by ACU’s values, and the focus on public benefit is important to me academically.

I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of postgraduate study, and it is fantastic being able to collaborate with a cohort of intelligent and stimulating students and mentors.

ACU is an unusual university. It’s open, it looks outward, and it’s a good environment to engage in."