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Alessandre Alonso, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies

Alessandre Alonso

Alessandre Alonso
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies
Faculty of Law Executive Dean's Academic Scholarship Recipient

Reasons for choosing Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies:
I initially was set on studying Global or International Studies because of my interest in diplomacy and international relations, and took on Law as something that would complement this interest and my future career aspirations. It has turned out that Law is my absolute favourite part of my degree.

Reasons for choosing ACU: I chose to study at ACU because it promised me a fresh perspective for a Law degree, the small class sizes and community environment, its Pro-Bono program, and its International and ethical focus. I was (and still am) impressed by the dedication of my lecturers and the countless opportunities I have had that I would not have been offered anywhere else.

Highlight of studying Law: It has been my experience mooting – something we started at our Law Induction, have continued with internal university competitions, and I am currently preparing for an Australian Contract Mooting Competition. It has been the most demanding but rewarding experience so far – I never expected to enjoy public speaking but the experience and process was thrilling!

The best thing of studying Law and being at ACU: My favourite thing about law has been dealing with human stories – learning about different cases never gets boring because there is always an interesting story attached to the legal principle. While undertaking my first pro-bono session, the work has remained just as stimulating because I am continually dealing with the lives of different people – it is both humbling and challenging.

Scholarship Received: I was awarded the Executive Dean's Scholarship, to the value of $20,000 over the course of my degree. For me this has meant that I finish my degree and start my career without a debt.

Where I find motivation: I have always been self-motivated by my personal standards and a love of learning. I have enjoyed all the work in my course so far, so I enjoy the process of completing university work and challenging myself with the content. I have always been used to juggling doing 10,000 different things, and university life just seems to get busier – I manage this by being efficient with my time, setting goals, and trying to fully enjoy my downtime. I also try to keep myself healthy throughout the semester, because I know that when my health is out of whack, I struggle to keep up with my university/work/life balance.

My ultimate career goal: I started off my degree with a clear idea of the type of career I wanted, but have since had hundreds of different ideas! I am still attracted to government and advisory work, but have also enjoyed Criminal Law and am considering practicing as a lawyer as another option.

Advice to students thinking about studying ACU Law: To anyone considering studying law: if you are willing to invest the time and effort, it is a hugely rewarding experience that will change your perspective on a lot of issues. Whether you decide to practice or not, the skills I have learnt already are practical and adaptable.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies