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Graduate Law Degree

Graduate Law Degree

The Bachelor of Laws (Graduate entry) is designed to produce well-rounded graduates ready for legal practice and a range of professional careers in an increasingly global environment.

This degree is open only to graduates who hold at least a three year bachelor degree. Places in this course are Commonwealth Supported Places unlike many Juris Doctor courses.

The degree is recognised for admission to practice law. You will also undertake 80 hours per year in the innovative pro bono program that exposes you to law in the real world, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet, observe and work with organisations serving the public interest.

The degree can be taken on either a full time basis over three years or on a part–time basis over 6 years.

Like the Law degrees taken by undergraduate students, the course is designed for the needs of legal practice in the 21st Century with three major themes running through the degree;

  • a strong representation of the commercial law needed in practice
  • a strong global and human rights stream that reflects the international environment in which lawyers increasingly work
  • consistent with ACU’s commitments to social justice and advancing the common good
  • a strong ethical and practical foundation to assist students bring about change in communities and society

Bachelor of Laws evening classes

Tailored for busy professionals - flexible part-time two evenings a week

The ACU Thomas More Law School offers a flexible, work-friendly model to suit your busy lifestyle. You can study via part-time evening classes or full-time weekdays, or mix this up to fit your schedule.

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