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Olivia Boland, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Melbourne

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Olivia Boland is a second year Bachelor of Accounting and Finance student currently studying at the ACU Melbourne campus. She was recently honoured with two awards (listed below) at the ACU Melbourne Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards Ceremony:

- ACU Academic Excellence Scholarship, recognise and rewards high achieving undergraduate students across all faculties.

- John and Barbara Ralph Prize, awarded to the highest achieving first year business degree student.

Olivia describes her life at ACU, her studies and career ambitions below:

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"I am in second year, studying a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance in Melbourne."

"My first year out of school, I went to Melbourne University intending to complete a Bachelor of Science. As the year progressed I realised I wasn't enjoying my studies and so played around with a few units and discovered that I really enjoyed Finance. As such, I decided that not only would I change my course of study, but that I would also change unis, and hence I applied and was accepted into ACU in 2014."

"I have enjoyed my experiences at ACU. Coming from a big uni I definitely noticed a change in the environment. I have found it easier to get to know other students here and have come to appreciate the fact that my tutors make an effort to learn my name and get to know me on a personal level. There was a definite change in culture between Melbourne Uni and ACU, and it is one that has offered me more opportunities to succeed."

"I visited ACU on their open day in 2011 and found that out of all the universities I had visited, ACU was the least daunting when it came to introducing students to university life. I found all the talks I went to highly informative and everyone I encountered was friendly and welcoming."

"So far I have found all my tutors to be prompt in responding to my queries and their advice to be helpful. I am able to book an appointment with my lecturers or tutors if I need to see them, and they are always happy to help."

"I am undertaking volunteer work at a local school. In recent years camps and extra curricular activities have been stamped out of the year 9 level. I am currently working with some students from year 9, listening to their ideas and working with their coordinator to hopefully bring some of those ideas into fruition - whilst also empowering the students as future leaders."

"Make your studies worth your while. Ensure that you make yourself known to your tutors, show them that you are invested and want to do well. In return they will help you in any capacity that they can. At the end of the day you're competing with all of the students in your course for the top jobs when you eventually graduate. Don't just cruise through your degree. Work hard!"

"Ideally I would like to work in the finance sector, perhaps as a forecaster or something similar. As of now though I am willing to take any opportunity within the industry."

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance