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Zuzana Novotna, Master of Human Resource Management/ Business Administration, Sydney

Zuzana Novotna

Zuzana Novotna is an international graduate from Prague, Czech Republic. Zuzana completed a Double Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration at ACU.

“I have always tried to think about the future and worked hard towards my goals. I decided to study in Australia as the Master of Human Resource Management wasn't offered in Czech universities. Australia was a choice of a preferred lifestyle. I decided to add MBA into my portfolio to get a more holistic understanding of business and organisations.

"As an international student I was very concerned with tuition fees, and these were more affordable at ACU compared to other recognised universities. However having visited the campuses of all major universities in Sydney, the Mackillop campus had a special touch of friendliness and looked like a real oasis in the middle of a busy city. I just knew I would enjoy spending my time there. My experience at ACU was very positive. In smaller classes, I got to know my lecturers well. This created a great environment for effective learning, discussions and networking, which would be impossible in large groups.

"I also have to acknowledge the Peter Faber Business School which started not that long ago. They have been able to recruit some of the best lecturers and experts in their fields; having great lecturers from both academia and ‘the real world business’ is one of the best things about ACU."