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ACU MBA awarded Top 10 status in CEO Magazine Australian MBA rankings

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The International Graduate Forum’s (IGF) CEO Magazine has awarded the Australian Catholic University (ACU) a #7 ranking and Top 10 status in its Australian MBA Rankings, and Top 20 status in the magazine’s Global MBA Rankings for Winter 2012.

"The International Graduate Forum (IGF) wanted to develop a set of MBA rankings for CEO Magazine that truly reflect the qualities and values that students seek in a business school. Based on research conducted with past and present students, two key areas came to the fore: the quality of the in-class experience, and the quality of the teaching faculty. Thus metrics such as smaller class sizes, student work experience, international diversity within the classroom, faculty-to-student ratio, and faculty qualifications; both academically and professionally, are given considerable weighting.

"With competition between business schools continuing to increase, it is important for schools to understand what students really want. The schools that have been ranked highly by the IGF in CEO Magazine have been successful in this goal. Bigger is not always better, and our aim is to highlight the schools that offer exceptional value, and increase choice for our readers when facing the important decision of where to study their MBA.”

- Victor Callender, CEO of International Graduate Forum and CEO Magazine. 

ACU scored particularly well in areas relating to their MBA cohorts (class size, male-to-female ratio, international diversity and work experience) and the quality of their faculty.

The IGF has been designed to give high-potential managers a 360 degree view of the world’s leading business schools. The IGF’s MBA rankings are an integral component in the decision-making process for high-potential and future managers, providing an important, independent benchmark of performance. Schools selected for inclusion have demonstrated a high level of innovation and thought leadership and offer significant value to students.

The ACU MBA program aims to challenge, empower and inspire graduates to make a positive difference for self and society and is focused on developing responsible, ethical and sustainable business programs for leaders of the future.

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