Health Sciences

Learning Disorders and Cognition

Name of the Research Group: Learning Disorders and Cognition (LDAC)

Group members: Professor Charles Hulme, Associate Professor Anne Tolan, Dr Michelle Delaney, Dr Kate Witteveen, Dr Stephanie Malone

International Collaborators: Professor Maggie Snowling, Dr Kelly Burgoyne

Outline: Approximately 10-16% of students experience learning difficulties that require assistance beyond the scope of the classroom teacher’s role, with 4% receiving a diagnosis of a learning disorder. Given the prevalence of these difficulties, it is important to increase our knowledge of their underlying cognitive causes. While much research has investigated learning difficulties as separate entities, many difficulties commonly co-occur. Thus, in order to obtain a complete picture of the nature and cognitive causes of each disorder, our research examines why they often co-occur. A detailed understanding of the manner in which specific learning difficulties are interconnected will inform the development of more sophisticated training and intervention programs with important educational benefits.

This research places a specific focus on disorders of:

  • Reading (Dyslexia; Reading Comprehension Disorder)
  • Mathematics (Mathematics Disorder)
  • Motor (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
  • Attentional skills (Attentional Control and Behaviour Regulation)