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People from the general community who volunteer to participate in our studies are vital to our research. Your Participation is helping the scientific community to understand how people think and feel when living their day-to-day lives, how our brains change as we age, and how our brains are affected by chronic health conditions, drugs and brain injuries.

Each study is different but you will be asked to do things like:

  • Play 'memory' and 'problem solving' games
  • Fill in questionnaires
  • Look at photographs and video clips while we measure facial muscle activity, heart rate, or sweat production.

We are looking for volunteers whose first language is English in the following age groups:

  • Children between 8 and 12
  • Young adults over 18
  • Older adults over 65

We are currently running research studies that focus on:

  • financial decision making
  • how we 'read' other people's emotions
  • different types of memory failures in everyday life
  • the effectiveness of computerised brain-training games
  • the long term effects of substance use
  • the effects of mild brain stimulation

The group also investigates research questions relating to:

  • children with autism
  • people who use (or have previously used) addictive drugs
  • people affected by schizophrenia
  • people who have an acquired brain injury
  • people who have chronic heart failure

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