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International and national collaborators

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The group has strong collaborations with the ACU Cardio Vascular Research (CVR) Centre, and with leading researchers nationally and internationally.  Productive collaborations with leading international researchers are critical for success in ARC grants and success in publication in high quality international journals.

  • The group has started a major collaborative project with the senior proven research team in the CVR Centre, on cognitive and emotional factors in determining outcomes for chronic heart disease.
  • Dr McLennan has established strong collaborations with the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, as evidenced by her inclusion as Associate Investigator on two multi-million dollar NHMRC grants in 2012.
  • Dr Terrett has co-authored with Prof Matthias Kliegel (University of Geneva) and has established strong collaborations with her autism research with Dr Mareike Altgassen (Radboud University Nijmegen), Julie Henry (University of Queensland) and Monash Hospital Disability Clinic.
  • Dr Willis has both established and developing collaborations with researchers from prominent universities and research centres both domestically and internationally, including the University of Western Australia, the Australian National University, University of Queensland, ARC Centre for Cognition and its Disorders, Neuroscience Research Australia, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (Cambridge), the University of Aberdeen and the University of East Anglia. Many of these collaborations have already resulted in high quality publications.
  • Prof Rendell has productive collaborations with researchers from leading universities and this has borne fruit with multiple articles that are co-authored with collaborators from the USA (Washington University), Canada (University of Toronto), England (UCL), Scotland (Aberdeen University), Germany (Dresden University of Technology), Switzerland (University of Geneva), The Netherlands (Radboud University Nijmegen), Poland (Jagellonian University) and New Zealand (University of Otago).

Under the ACU Distinguished Visiting Research Fellowship scheme, the lab group hosted a visit by Prof Ted Ruffman, (PI on Prof Rendell’s latest ARC discovery grant), and co-hosting a visit by Prof Susan Pressler, a collaborator in the group’s research on chronic heart failure.

The group also hosts research students from international universities. We have had researchers spend 6 months researching with the group, from Italy, Germany and Switzerland.