Health Sciences

Our Members

Body Image, Eating and Weight Clinical Research Team


  • Associate Professor Leah Brennan
    Leah is a clinical and health psychologist. She specialises in clinical research examining the role of psychology in understanding, preventing and treatment of eating and weight disorders.
  • Dr Xochitl delaPiedadGarcia
    Xochitl is a psychology researcher with an interest in judgment, decision making and choice. She has a particular interest in the effects of delay and probability on choice behaviour; models self-control and hyperbolic discounting.
  • Ms Sarah Mitchell
    Sarah is a clinical psychologist. Her research interests include examining psychosocial factors involved in the development and maintenance of eating disorders and disordered eating and psychosocial predictors of treatment outcomes for eating and weight disorders.

PhD Students

  • Annemarie Hindle
    Annemarie is a PhD student and psychology tutor. Her research interests include examining the psychological and social factors that affect eating, health, and weight related behaviours in adults and children. Her thesis examines early post-surgical predictors of bariatric surgery outcomes.
  • Jake Linardon
    Jake is a PhD student and psychology tutor. His interests lie in understanding the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional processes that maintain the core symptoms of eating disorders. His thesis examines the mechanisms of change in cognitive behavioural interventions for disordered eating.
  • Stephanie Papadopoulos
    Stephanie is a PhD student, provisional psychologist in the Masters of Psychology (Clinical) program, and psychology tutor. Her research interests include exploring the relationship between obesity and stigma on biopsychosocial health and wellbeing. Her thesis involves the development and psychometric assessment of a qualitative measure of weight-stigma in adults with overweight/obesity.