Health Sciences

What to expect in a counselling session

At MPACC, all our counselling services are individually tailored to our client’s needs. We operate from a Scientist Practitioner model, which means that all treatment modalities offered have evidence to show that they work well for your presenting issue.

Your initial appointment will involve you collaborating with your provisional psychologist about your specific reasons for seeking counselling. Together you will develop a Treatment Plan, which will form a framework for your ongoing therapy. It will also serve as a reference point and will allow you to measure your progress and successes as you progress through the intervention.

Each week at the beginning of your appointment, you will have a brief review with your provisional psychologist, where you will discuss the progress you have made so far, as well as any issues that may have occurred since your last appointment. You will both then continue to work on the next stage of your intervention.

As you approach the end of your treatment plan, your provisional psychologist will help you to consolidate everything you have learned, and the changes that you have made. You will both begin the process of planning for when you no longer need the services of MPACC. This is a dynamic and exciting process that will ensure you have all the tools necessary to continue your journey after your therapy comes to an end.