Health Sciences

Assessment services

We offer a range of psychometric assessment services for both adults and children, including cognitive, intellectual, and educational assessments. We also cater to some specific learning disorder assessments, as well as providing clinical and behavioural assessments.

A person may be referred for psychological testing for a number of reasons. Some common examples may be:

1. To gain a better understanding of a person’s:

a. General cognitive ability

b. Present level of academic achievement

c. Areas of cognitive strength and weakness

d. To determine if a person has memory deficits, attention/concentration or executive functioning difficulties

2. To understand the causes of difficulties with work/school

3. To provide recommendations to assist with compensating for cognitive difficulties and to improve performance at work/school

4. To determine whether a child meets eligibility for school based funding or school/uni based special exam provision

5. To assess the severity of symptoms associated with psychological distress or dysfunction.

For more information regarding the assessment services that MPACC provides, please call the Clinic and ask to speak to one of our provisional psychologists.