Health Sciences

Groups and Workshops

New groups and workshops starting in September 2016

As of the 1 September 2016 we are extending our Clinic’s offer to include new groups and workshops. The groups and workshops will be run for 12 weeks by our provisional psychologists under the supervision of an experienced clinician. All sessions will be delivered Mondays-Fridays.

We are looking for participants to attend the following groups and workshops:

  • Self-Care & Mindfulness for Carers (Group for parents and carers)
  • Coping with Anxiety (Group for People with GAD, OCD, Compulsive Shopping)
  • Coping with Mood Changes (Group for People with Depression and Bi-polar)
  • Preparing for HSC (workshop for Year 11/12 students)
  • Transition to Year 7 (workshop for Year 6 students and parents)

All our workshops can be delivered on an outreach basis (e.g at the schools or local libraries)

To find out more about our Clinic, visit our clinic webpage To make a referral or lodge your Expression of Interest, please send us an email via or call us on 02 9701 4708