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Master of Professional Psychology

Master of Professional Psychology

The Master of Professional Psychology is offered under the 5+1 model of psychology training

One year full-time or equivalent part-time

The School of Psychology is offering the Master of Professional Psychology under the recent 5+1 model of psychology training.

This program holds conditional accreditation with the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC) as a recognised 5th year in psychology.

This program is designed to provide graduates in psychology an additional year of full time education in the professional practice of psychology. This year is sufficient to prepare graduates for a final year of supervised practice prior to general registration as a Psychologist.

This program offers an alternative to registering as a Provisional Psychologist through a supervised practice (4+2) pathway or a Master of Psychology degree.

Course structure

Students are required to complete a total of 8 units (80 credit points) including:

  • Issues and Skills in Professional Practice
  • Individual assessment
  • Clinical Assessment and Intervention
  • Evidence Based Practice for Psychologists
  • Practice Across the Lifespan
  • Practicum 1
  • Practicum 2
  • Elective unit

Clinical experience

Two clinical practicums and supervision are required for completion of the Master of Professional Psychology.

Tracey Wenzel

Master of Psychology (Clinical), ACU Brisbane Campus

ACU has offered me a number of opportunities and experiences that will be invaluable in the development of my professional career. I am completing an internship at the Brisbane Psychology and Counselling Clinic, which has given me great experience working with clients, under the direction of highly qualified supervising psychologists.

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Madeline Turnbull

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology, ACU Brisbane Campus

As well as providing students with an additional year of theoretical knowledge in psychology with a strong focus on the practical aspects of being a psychologist by exploring for instance ethics, rapport building and report writing, the most important part of the course is that it involves the two practicums and the opportunity to participate in these at the university clinic.

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Kim Wilcox

Master of Psychology, ACU Melbourne Campus

I consider working as a clinical psychologist to be a privilege. People trust you with their personal struggles and challenges, and provide you with the opportunity to support them.

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Danielle Bell

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology, ACU Brisbane Campus

The course has taught me a lot about the professional and interpersonal competencies required of students in relation to supervised practice in both mental health-specific and more general settings.

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Professional recognition

Students of the Master of Professional Psychology will be required to register with the Psychology Board of Australia as a Provisional Psychologist. Students and graduates of this program are eligible to apply for associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for entry into the Master of Professional Psychology include:

  • Four years of an accredited undergraduate psychology course or equivalent
  • Minimum of Second Class Division B Honours or equivalent
  • Academic referee report
  • Professional/ personal referee report
  • An interview
  • Eligibility for registration as a Psychologist with APHRA

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