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Short-term international study experiences and opportunities

Students at Port Vila - short term study experience

ACU's National School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine's Short Term International Student Experiences (STISE), offer final year students a unique educational and cultural experience that involves working in care facilities in host countries and in addition to gaining insight into the health services of the host country, students will also experience the local culture and lifestyle.

Destinations to be offered in 2017 include:


To be eligible to participate in an STISE, students must meet the following criteria:

  • student will be enrolled in an undergraduate degree within the National School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine
  • student will be commencing their final year units of study within the relevant degree
  • student will be enrolled in a relevant unit - MIDW351 (Midwifery), NRSG354/NRSG355 (Nursing) or PARA321 (Paramedicine)
  • as the health facilities in the host countries are often limited by the resources available, students participating in an STISE must complete an International Fitness to Travel declaration and may also be required to obtain a medical clearance prior to departure to confirm their physical and mental health.

Students undertaking an International Clinical placement and/or Community Engagement placement will earn course credit hours (40-80 hours) for the relevant unit of study within their degree.

Whilst travelling on an STISE, students will be representing ACU and as such, must reflect behaviour appropriate to the Student Code of Conduct and the University's mission and ethos at all times.


Students will be able to apply for any of the STISE programs through an application and selection process. Application forms will be sent out to students via their ACU email address. The Application form will allow students to apply for multiple destinations at one time by numbering each STISE destination in order of preference. We anticipate that applications for the 2017 activity will open from late October, 2016.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available to eligible students through an application process to assist with funding the costs of an STISE. Students who have a current HECS debt may be eligible to apply for an OS-HELP Loan (the entire value of the STISE may be funded). ACU also offers the Vice Chancellor’s Travel Grant of $500 (one time only), to all students of ACU whether an Australian citizen or international student.

View the Vice Chancellors travel grant and other financial assistance information

Download information on Funding, Insurance & International SOS (PowerPoint 900KB)

International students

International students are eligible to apply for STISEs, however please note that aside from applying for the ACU Vice Chancellors Travel Grant, international students are unable to receive any further funding, i.e. Government Scholarships or OS-HELP Loans and therefore the experience will be self-funded. Another consideration for international students are visa implications for travel to certain countries so please consider this when applying for each experience.

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